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  If you have ever picked up an old brick and marveled at the uniqueness or the craftsmanship or maybe just thought to yourself " I wander where this brick is from."  You are not alone, many others have had the same reactions. We are The Brick Collectors of the world. We have taken it upon ourselves to preserve history one brick at a time

  Nelsonville, Ohio sets in an area of America that has an abundance of resources ideal for the production of brick. In the mid 1800's many enterprising men took advantage of a slice of Ohio,  stretching south and east of a line running from Ashtabula to Portsmouth. The clay, shell, coal, salts and abundant timber, allowed for the manufacture of many of the bricks that built America. So abundant was the brick resources that in 1900 with nearly 5,000 brick factories operating in America, over 2,000 of them were in Ohio, most of those were in this slice of the state.

   These Bricks can be found in the buildings, houses, roads and sidewalks all over America and other parts of the world. It is said that Nelsonville produced bricks more durable than any other brick in the country. As if the many awards were not enough to attest to this statement. Nelsonville street and sidewalk pavers are unearthed by city crews all over America almost daily.  These bricks are most often in as pristine a condition as the day they were laid.

  A monument to the “The Brick” has been erected on the site of Hocking College in Nelsonville, Ohio.  This monument exhibits many examples of Ohio’s bricks. It is for these reasons that we gather to celebrate Bricks and Brick collecting near this site. Come and join with us, as we gather for the 2023 Brick Swap, at THE NELSONVILLE BRICK FESTIVAL.



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